Africa is a picturesque continent and presents itself like a colourful painting: women, carrying huge water cans on their heads effortlessly - for endless kilometers. Children playing and bathing happily in highly polluted rivers, whereas their mothers are doing their laundry some footfalls upstream. Athletic fishermen, photogenic silhouettes in the caressing light of sunset, hauling in the days catch from Bilharzia contaminated waters. Beautiful people with ebony coloured skin, drinking from the same pool like their cows and goats.

People like us fancy themselves blessed with abundance: completely unworried we love to turn on the tap as far as it will go, to fill our bath tubs to the brim, to take a shower at least once a day and to leave the water running while brushing our teeth or washing our hands. Even in our latitudes this thoughtless way of wasting water is absolutely irresponsible, but in countries as dry as a bone, it is more than that, it's murder!

Do you really deem it indispensable to start off on your morning safari freshly showered and pruned of the sweat of the night, taking a shower afterwards to be sweet with shower gel and stainlessly immaculate for your afternoon gamedrive - only to take a shower once more when you are back to have your sundowner spick and span?

Saving water doesn't neccessarily mean that you to have look like my feet on this photo - just try to internalize the preciousness of water and act accordingly. For a quick freshening up in between, to get rid of the coarsest dust and sweat it's absolutely sufficient to use moist wipes or a small microfibre cloth. You won't feel dirty anyhow and your anticipation for the evening shower will grow - turning off the water while soaping your body and shampooing your hair. That goes without saying, doesn't it?!

Furthermore you'll realize very soon, that you can not escape from the ubiquitous dust, that the sweet sweat of relaxation and lazing around doesn't smell so much and that it definitely can be fun to be a bit dirty, though. In addition to that it's much more important and beneficial to use water internally than externally.

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