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Is beauty only in the eye of the beholder, because one can argue about taste?
Is a detail of consummate beauty an inconsiderable part of a greater whole?
Are black and white the sole colors of universal and all-embracing truth,
a truth as true as grass is green and true colours can be shown?
Can a gain in weight be caused by curiosity, being the gluttony of senses?

These are certainly no worldshaking questions, I grant, but questions that
could be brought up by my profession. As a type setter and graphic designer
I'm moving in the ambidextrous world of advertising, where lies can
be as green as grass and natural beauty is created at a customer's option.
Hidden details coin a whole campaign as well as they are responsible
for success or total miscarriage. Curiosity breaks into new markets,
sharpens one's mind and comprises valuable answers to many problems.

Even in my private life I can not shed this professional curiousity,
it's always guiding my eyes and my steps and leads me to the most inscrutable
of all continents - again and again - Africa. I try to capture the elusive
beauty with my heart and my third eye. Come with me to the Black Continent
and let your thoughts and senses wander about! Enjoy the virtual excursion!

I would be pleased to find your questions or feedback in my mailbox
or in my visitors' book.

Bursting with curiosity, Barbara