Every single of my numerous journeys to Africa has been a unique opportunity to experience innumerable things - at my own figure and in exchange with other travellers. I'd be glad to share these experiences with you, because they might not only be helpful for your own preparations but also could they help to avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises. It's my greatest concern to reduce existing uncertainty - especially if you are a novice to Africa. Furthermore I try to conscientize you for some often underestimated dangers, to save you from being a greenhorn and to assist you in having a wonderful and enjoyable trip. Enjoyable for yourself, for other travellers, for nature and locals.

Please pardon me if this sounds a bit smart-aleck and instructive. But I often had the dubious pleasure to meet travellers who seemed to feel very homelike, in the negative sense of the meaning, who behaved like bulls in a china shop. Travellers who did not only jeopardize themselves but also their environment, which includes other travellers as well as nature and the people whose guests they have been. Nobody acquires such rights by absolutely nothing, not even by paying a pretty penny for the trip! You must never forget that Africa is a continent and no single country or region is comparable to another. You will experience regional distinctions, religions, mentalities and taboos. Hence it will never be a fault to simply demonstrate respect for everything and everybody. Abstain from doing things that would be awkward for yourself. Just feel like a guest holding some privileges - and a whole lot of duties.

As to that I compiled my tips for you. They don't lay claim to completeness nor to unerring correctness. But they come from own experience, from the bottom of my heart. Trusting that they will draw a deep mutual respect and delight from yourself and the Black Continent.

If you like to share this delight or your own experiences with me so don't hesitate to contact me by mail or perpetuate yourself in my visitor's book.