Well, I don't belong to that kind of people who are frightened by their own shadow as well as by beastly viruses and bacteria. But my trips have taught me always to carry along a well-stocked, elaborate first-aid-kit.

Already minor injuries, easily inflaming at tropical temperatures, a simple allergy or even a common cold are able to mar your holidays. The infra structure of most African countries lags behind. Pharmacies usually do not offer that large range of medication we are used to. Furthermore, trade-names might differ, package-leaflets might turn out to be a closed book or the pharmacist is not able to understand you. So make yourself independent by carrying along your own pharmacy, covering all eventualities from allergies to zoster.

Depending on your way to tour Africa it could be advisable to be prepared for emergencies that turn out to be more serious. Should you ever be in need of an infusion or injection, preference certainly is given to your own needle or syringe, which is sterile according to our standards. But you shouldn't only think of yourself; there might be other travellers, not in the least as well-equipped as you are, who are in need of help.

Attached you will find a printable checklist (PDF format) for your first-aid kit. More useful informations are to be found here:


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