Equipment - that's a matter apart; a matter depending on the way you travel and the destination. Some of you may prefer that kind of superduper-safari promising the outmost comfort, some of you may plan to explore the continent off your own bat, prepared for all eventualities. My tips confine to a basic equipment, useful for everybody, helpful in various daily situations. Reading my list, especially as a luxury-tourist-to-be, a lot of things might be regarded as unnecessary or a bit overdone. But Africa is Africa and can not be compared with Europe or the US. The tour operator of your choice may be ever so zealous and obliging, but some things are even beyond his means. Thus you better should divest yourself of some fashionable duds in favour of a proper equipment, giving a certain amount of independence and secureness to you.

My personal printable checklist (PDF format) tries to consider any situation imaginable according to my motto: be able to help yourself.

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